Welcome to my blog…. Hope you enjoy what you read and see and get to learn a few things new about me 🙂


I’m a Social Activist, Author and Entrepreneur… Very determined and passionate about the work that I do…. I’m also a Mother, Grandmother and Wife and find joy in all that I do… My hobbies are gardening, interior decorating, fashion & beauty and blogging….  I love a challenge and prefer to associate myself with positive people…. I can be very stubborn at times, but I know what I want and always out to bettering myself… My main motto in life is, “Always Believe in Yourself”

A big fan of yours

I was born to be an Entrepreneur. This I know since I helped my mom from a very young age in gardening and started selling my own chillies at the age of 5 years old… Besides that I helped my dad run errands at his Architectural business from home. This has taught me a lot in the field of business and today I am successful most of the time. I do tend to get bored of something, if it does not challenge me, and end up starting something new. My latest business is a Marketing and Advertising Agency, called Swan Promotions…. I somehow think I have found my perfect business, since it is all things I love doing, and should be challenging enough to accomplish…. Let’s see where it leads me 🙂 For all your Events, Advertising and Marketing requirements… Contact us today…We just a phone call away 060 479 7900 or email swanpro66@gmail.com25299133_1845699528792034_9146414863170976012_n

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